Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fedora day.

 Hello again...Today, I thought I'd do a quick post on the accessories I wore. I was gonna do a full OOTD, but truthfully, none of the pics turned out and I'm only wearing a tee shirt and jeans anyway.

Today marked my first time wearing a fedora. I enjoyed it. I like this straw version as it has a more casual vibe. 

Just a few bracelets:

And all together, complete with camera. Gotta love the heap of shoes on the floor behind me. Only the most professional-grade photos will do for this blog ;)
 Top: Zara
Jeans: Jbrand
Bag: Kimchi Blue from Urban Outfitters
Hat: Mossimo Supply Co. from Target
Shoes: Seychelles (purchased last year but you might still find them on
Bracelets: Charm bracelet is iluck, sparkly clue

I'm curious: do you rock the fedora with pride? What summer hats do you like to wear, if any?

♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Love your outfit girlfriend! You're definitely rockin' that fedora, I'm liking the straw versions much better than the other ones, some of those look too serious for my liking! I don't own a fedora (yet) but I see them everywhere and that makes me wanna get one or five, I should hit up Target soon!!

  2. thanks doll, I appreciate it! I agree, the non straw versions are too dressy imo..I like them on other ppl, but not me :) You should get one, they're cheap at Target! I guarantee you'd look gorg in one!

  3. Hats look horrific on me (or I look horrific in hats?), but the fedora totally suits you! I freakin' LOVE those sandals too!

  4. Love the fedora:) and the sandals xx

  5. Tiffany: ha! I highly doubt hats look horrific on you with that pretty face :) Thank you!

    Thank you Jenny! xox

  6. You look wonderful darling!! You're totally rocking the fedora!! ;) x

  7. nisa-chan: thank you!

    Stavroula: thanks so much :)

  8. Love your hat too cute!

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  9. I've been meaning to get one myself (a fabric version to wear all throughout the year), but haven't taken the plunge yet... this country doesn't do hats so much I'm afraid!!!

    Would love to get one though and style it in a simple way, just like you! PS: Love your gold bracelet, super cute! ;)


  10. You're rocking it!! I don't have a "hat head" at allll.
    That first picture of you is really really pretty <3


  11. Back again.. haha. I tagged you on my blog :)


  12. Oh my gosh you look so hot with a fedora!! I love your professional photoshoots for your blog! Sexy mexy ;)

  13. That charm bracelet is soo cute! I love the fedora. I have one, but I've only worn it once. sigh.

  14. I love fedoras!:D

    Cute outfit, btw. I want your flats.;D

    ***** Marie *****

  15. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,