Saturday, December 18, 2010

Festive Weekend Pics and Gold NOTD

 Hello everyone! Here's some pics from the last few days. The NOTD is at the bottom if you're interested in  things pertaining to beauty only :)

  I absolutely do NOT have a wrapping paper obsession. I have no idea what you're talking about.

 Finally found a star for our tree! 

 I put my 'barbie tree' up. It's totally tacky as I've said before, but dear to my heart nonetheless.

 Pink poinsettias from my grandma. What a sweetheart!

 My aunt sent me this cute little light-up snow globe (snow house?) And, it changes colors! Oooo...Ahhhh..

 Stocking stuffers from World Market...the most 'mature' ones are for my brother.

 And lastly, the NOTD. This is Golden Honey by Savvy. I've never heard of or tried this brand, but spotted this shade at Sally's and had to purchase. It covered perfectly with two coats; you could almost get away with one. 

I loved the color in the bottle, but sadly I think it kind of washes me out. It looks good in certain lights but I don't like it in others. Maybe in the summer I'll try it again.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend!


  1. I love this post!!! I love looking at photos and you have some amazing ones! I have a wrapping paper obsession as well just that I hate wrapping lol Hello Kitty one is soo freakin cute! The snow house globe thing is so cute, I want one too! I died when I saw the stocking stuffers, O M G!!!! I need to hit up World Market and get some of those for some special people in my life! LOL

  2. Thanks doll :) I about died when I saw the Hello Kitty paper, had to get it! Haha you need to go to World Market, they had many other funny stocking stuffers, it was hard to choose!

  3. I love the picture with the wrapping paper!

  4. This is so cute! I love your tacky Barbie tree. Christmas is all about the childish and tacky to me :)
    That light up house is amazing! I got a few yesterday but that wins hands down! xxx

  5. Blusherine: thank you me too! Wrapping paper makes me a little too happy I think ;)

    arlene: haha agreed! The tackier, the better! Thank you, I'd never seen a snow globe like it..thought it was really nice of my aunt :)

  6. Love the gold polish and all of the festive thingies. In particular the yellow snow sign as our cats love making yellow snow lol xx

  7. Those are such cute wrapping papers...*le sigh* if only I knew how to actually wrap, now, that would be ideal, lol!
    Your pink tree is unbelievable, I think I need pink tree lights for my mini tree too, hehe! ;)


  8. Jenny: thank you! haha I thought the candy was pretty clever. My dog enjoys making his own yellow snow too :)

    Tina: omg I wish I didn't know how to wrap, cause everyone makes me wrap stuff for them! Haha I actually did giftwrap as a job for a while ;) Oh yes you need pink lights, they make me so happy. So fun and girly.

  9. Merry Christmas love!! Your decorations are so cute! I really love that nail polish as well. I think it looks great on you =) Xo

  10. I sincerely wish I had some Hello Kitty wrapping paper! That is adorable! I also love the picture of the treats for your brother! haha Please check out my blog! :)

  11. Miss Holly, you have a surprise waiting for you on my blog! ;) xoxx