Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Easy Curls/Waves

Hello friends! Hope you have been doing well over the past month ;)

I love long, loose curls, but despise the time-consuming techniques used to achieve said curls. I may not have a problem taking extra time when putting my face on, but if my hair happens to be givin me guff, I just default to a ponytail. I have no patience with it. So when I find something easy to do with my hair that yields good results, I stick with it.  

I've been doing this style a lot lately, so I thought I'd share with you how I do it. It's easy-peasy.

I use hot rollers (they're my best friends). 
I spray each section with a heat protectant (Got2B Guardian Heat Protect 'n Curl) before rolling it.
I roll each roller towards the back of my head, or behind me/away from me...if that makes sense :)
I start in the front middle and go back to the nape of my neck; then do the sides.
 I leave the rollers in for 5 minutes or less (I wait til they're really hot before putting them in), take them out, then separate with my fingers. 
I flip my head over and then spray the hell out of it with hairspray (I use L'oreal Texture Expert Freezing Mist. Smells like candy!).

This technique is hardly groundbreaking, but it might have been helpful?

What are your tried and true hairstyles?

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  1. I can't wait till my hair grows out to be as long as yours - its absolutely stunning! My default is def headband/ponytail combo - super easy,gets my hair out of my face and looks tidy :)

    I need to get some hot rollers - curling with an iron takes me forever! ♥

  2. Oh thank you! Yes I am a BIG fan of headbands and ponytails as well! Oh I highly recommend hot rollers, they are SO much easier and faster than a curling iron!

  3. I love your hair! It's so long and shiny! Even when my hair was longer, I usually resorted to a curling iron when I wanted curls but your hair looks amazing after using hot rollers!

  4. Aww Thank you :) I really do love hot rollers much more than a curling iron...I think they're less damaging to the hair.

  5. So pretty. Your hair is so long and healthy. I can not wait until my hair is as long as your. Gorgeous. X

  6. Your hair is so beautiful and shiny and the waves are gorgeous too! I also have some eylash envy now, your lashes are amazing:D

  7. Your hair looks lovely.
    Can't wait for mine to get longer to get some better looser curls.


  8. You look amazing! Your hair is beautiful, do you dye it? x

  9. You look stunning sweetie!!And I love rollers!Hot or not!!Keep hair more healthy and stay way much longer in place than with a straightener!!!When they reach your length I'm going to show them love again!!Lovely post!Thanks for remind me how gorgeous(your) hair look with rollers!

  10. Simply gorgeous! Styles like this make me crave long hair xx

  11. Wow, I woke up to such lovely comments! Thank you everyone!

    Jenny: Thank you, it's because of lilash! :)

    Jesse: Thank you, no I actually don't dye my hair..I used to. This is my natural color. I've decided now that nature has given me what suits me best :)


  12. You have beauuuutiful hair! Cute shirt too hehe :)

    I typically use a 1 inch curling iron and make a few loose curls/waves. This post makes me wanna try hot rollers though!

  13. Nora Schu: thank you darling, got my shirt at Zara :) You really should give them a go! I have curling irons but hot rollers are all I ever use!

  14. Love your soft curls, they really suit you! But then, you 're such a cutie, I doubt there's any hairstyle that wouldn't work on you! :)
    Your hair looks so healthy and lustrous btw, I 'm so jealous! :)


  15. @tina: thank you doll, you are too good to me! Trust me...I've had my share of hideous hairstyles ;)

    @Maggie May: thank you!

  16. Ooh thanks for this. I never could do the right curls I want for my long hair. But this is great!

  17. stephanie: wonderful, I'm glad you like this idea :) I hope you try it! Let me know how you like it :)

  18. Your hair looks lovely!:D

    I think hot rollers are great, easy to use and faster than using a curling iron.:D

    I have mine straight but with a lot of volume on my layers.:D

    Happy Tuesday!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  19. Marie: thank you! I'm so happy you love hot rollers too! Ooo that sounds beautiful, I wish I could do straight with volume...but I can't. My hair is too flat, haha :)

  20. Your hair is so gorgeous!! I love the loose curls on you!! Great post, I think I'm going to bust out my hot rollers now :) Xx

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