Sunday, November 28, 2010

Deck the Halls

 Got almost all of the Christmas decor up today. Arlene and Suzy inspired me to post some pics...they both put up pics of their lovely decorations...and I got all excited and festive-feeling :)

Can you tell that I enjoy sparkly things?

Have you put up any holiday decorations?



  1. Sparkly things are always fun!:D I am loving your tree.:D

    Have a happy Monday!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. love it !!! I can't wait to put mine I just need to get out the decoration thanks for sharing love

  3. love your tree )) I think I'm going to make a post on my Christmas decorations soon! Happy holidays!

  4. ah I can't wait to put up the Christmas tree! Your tree looks great :)

  5. So pretty! Deck the halls with BALLS of HOLLY! Falalalalalal...sorry I'm a horrible singer!

  6. WOW! Now that is Christmassy bird! I love all the traditional colours, feeling very festive now :D xxx

  7. thanks everyone for your kind comments!

    Arlene, you're the one that got me all festive feeling in the first place ;)

    ObsessedMakupAddict: haha, well aren't you a clever girl with your play on words..LOL! I can hear your sweet voice singing it now... :)

  8. your Christas decoration is gorgeous!!Love your tree!!havent done mine yet and kids are so anxious!!
    This week I hope!!
    Kisses and hugs!!

  9. Can't blame you for loving sparkly things, I am in the same boat! Anything and everything sparkly I see must be mine! He he Love your Christmas stuff, I love this season! I put up my decorations and tree but I am still looking for more decorations lol I need to contain myself and stop acting like I live in a mansion, where am I gonna put all that stuff?? :))

  10. Ah you even have christmas cushions.I love that. Your tree looks amazing. Like a tree from a christmas card. Perfect...
    Hehe and there are those stockings. Hehe cute.
    Love it all.

    Really, I do, lol! In fact all of your Christmas decorations are lovely!!!
    Hope you have a merry Christmas darling!