Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bargain Bags!

So I was moseying around the mall this week, and as soon as I waltzed into Forever 21, I zeroed in immediately on some sequin bags. Without hesitation, I snatched a gorgeous pastel pink one up, vying for it to be mine. I then looked at the pricetag, and about died. $10.50??!! I thought it was some sort of error at first and checked a few other pricetags, but alas, they really were $10.50 each. Amazing! I bought two: pink and black. There were two other colors as well, which were gunmetal and silver. I think I might go back for the gunmetal. For ten bucks, why not?

You might be able to tell from the pics that the black one is already in use. The pink one doesn't have anything in it, so naturally, it looks more flat.

I love the Chanel-esque chain straps and the tote design. I confess, I've been wanting a way more expensive Coach sequin bag, but didn't know if I loved it enough to justify the price! With these beauties, I can satisfy my sequin craving for a tiny fraction of the cost of a Coach bag. These F21 totes are cheaply made to be sure, but I know I'll get my moneys worth out of them!

Also this last week, I won an eBay auction for a Chanel facial self tanner (Sidenote: I HATE bidding on eBay. I must be of a more delicate disposition than I thought, because my little heart can't handle the excitement of it all. The chance that I might not win the auction just kills me. My heart was literally pounding as I was watching the time run out. Anyone else get this way? I know I'm probably nuts).

I just barely applied this for the first time, so I can't comment much about it yet. It is discontinued in the US now, but I believe it's still available in Canada and Europe? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, the scent is pleasant for a self tanner, and it was easy to apply. I will keep you updated if you're interested!

Well, that does it for now! Monday always comes too soon, doesn't it? I hope this week goes well for you all!

Have you found any bargains lately?

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  1. These are nice finds, I like the black bag. :D

    Congratulations for winning the auction.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Thank you Marie! I was really happy when I won but it was stressful :) I love the black too, it'll def. go with more of my stuff.

  3. 10.50 for a bag!?!? You don't see that anymore, heck it's hard getting lunch for $10 nowadays!

    Totally agree with the ebay bidding thing, I once *accidentally* bought a $2000 flute, my dad was NOT happy. To be fair I was 11 and didn't know my bid would actually count.

  4. I know, right?? Whatta deal :) Holy smokes, a $2000 flute?? Hahahaha I love it! Now that would cause me a coronary. Poor dad.

  5. thank you, you should go get one! I love it!

  6. Love the bags:) Especially the black one. Bargain!!

  7. Thanks Jenny, me too. The black will go with everything. I haven't had a bargain this sweet in a long time!

  8. Great finds!The bags look so sparkle!!!
    And you have been tagged!!!

  9. Ouhh great finds!! DEFINITELY better than satisfying a sequin craving with a Coach bag!

    Congratulations on winning the auction! :D

  10. Blushingloves: Thank you, anything that sparkles always attracts me :) Thanks for tagging me!

    Nora-Schu: I agree, Coach isn't really my favorite so I didn't want to buy it if my heart wasn't in it :) Thank you, it was scary for me!

    Victoria India: Thank you, me too! I prefer it over the pink because of it's practicality.

  11. I have no idea if that self tanner is still available here, but it does seem very promising! Looking forward to read how u get on with it! ;)


  12. I never find any bargain!!! And I really want to!!!! >.< I love the pink handbag!!!


  13. hope youre okay, long time no speak (my fault entirely!)
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    lots of love

  14. Tina: I am really liking it so far! I feel like it might be discontinued everywhere...Isn't it always the case that you find something you like and it gets D/C'd? booo. :)

    Henar: Thank you! haha, I wish I could find more bargains too! I got lucky this time!

    Suyinsays: Oh cool! I will vote for you :) Good luck!