Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Revlon Glosses: Me Likey!

I'm sure many of you have heard of the new Revlon Lipgloss shades that came out recently. Personally, I don't recall being so enamored with a new drugstore makeup collection! These colors are just gorgeous. I couldn't help myself!

From left to right: Coral Reef, Lilac Pastelle, and Peach Petal.

Without flash:


I bought Peach Petal after hearing about it on twitter. Then, one of my readers suggested I try Coral Reef (thanks, Ellie!) And finally, I have LisaLisaD1 on Youtube to blame for making me go back for Lilac Pastelle.

I really love Revlon glosses, the consistency and staying power is great. They have a very smooth texture which isn't tacky or sticky. The pigmentation is good, and my favorite part about these particular glosses is that they're all creme colors. No shimmer. Love that!

So, these get a thumbs up from me! I definitely recommend trying them out, and for the price, why not?

Do you own any of these new shades?

Have a wonderful day/night depending on where you are!



  1. I love opaque lipgloss color and these look so pretty!

  2. the coral shade is so sexy. I like them all, except maybe for the pale one, I think it's too pale for brunettes, unless you do a really "heavy" eye make up.
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  3. I love these too although I only have Peach Petal:( I may have to buy the rest after reading this lol xx

  4. Hollywood: They are perfect! You should buy some! :)

    Pink_Fish: Cute name :) I agree, the coral is gorgeous. And yeah, the peach petal is pale for sure. I like it but I think it's my least fave of the three.

    Jenny: Yes, go try them out! xox

    DangerouslyBeauty: I think you would love them!

  5. Glad you like Coral Reef! I've got all 3 of these colours too, I really like them all! x

  6. These look good enough to eat!

  7. missy_ellie_uk: yes I love it, thanks for the rec!

    Jen: haha, they do indeed!

  8. Peach Petal looks gorgeous - shall have to check these out!

  9. I love all the Revlon glosses but I actually bought Peach Petal recently and haven't worn anything else since! it's perfect by itself or over a nice nude lipstick :)

  10. Emma Jane: Yeah it's pretty, you really need to have a look at these! They're great for drugstore glosses!

    All Made Up: I need to wear it more, it's the perfect nude! I will try it over a lipstick, thank you!