Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Goodies from the UK!

I was so pleased when I checked the mail today and found a box from the UK waiting for me!

The lovely and super awesome Megan kindly offered to get me some Barry M stuff when I was whining on Twitter about not having access to Barry M (I said it before and I'll say it again: the first stop I would make if I ever come to the UK would be Superdrug). Seriously, could she be more of a sweetheart? It turned out that she wanted a few things from the US, so we set up a little swap!

I have to say that I love everything, and she included two extras from the new MUA line!! I could hardly contain my excitement!

Without further ado, here are the goods:

From L to R:

-MUA gloss number 5-
-Barry M nail paint in Grey-
-Barry M Nail Paint in Pink Flamingo-
-Barry M Lip Paint in 147-
-Revlon Cherries in the Snow lipstick (lollipop26 made me do it!)-
-MUA eye dust in shade 2-

Swatch time!

From top to bottom:

MUA gloss shade 5
-MUA eye dust shade 2 (what a gorgeous purple!)-
-Barry M 147-
-Revlon Cherries in the Snow-

And, a very sloppily applied Flamingo Pink on the left and Grey on the right, if you couldn't guess :)

I have already started playing with all of my new stuff, of course!

I can understand why Laura loved Cherries in the Snow so much, it's the only red I've tried that I feel I can pull off because it's more of a raspberry. The pink tones really flatter my skin tone. I am in love with the Barry M 147 as well! I know I'm way late on the bandwagon; I remember seeing so many blog posts about it when it came out and wanting it so bad. And now, it is mine.

Thanks again, Megan!!! I hope that you like your stuff when you receive it!

P.S. Megan has a great blog that she just started, and I encourage you to check it out!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

Do you own any of these products, and what are your thoughts?



  1. Cherrie in the Snow looks amazing! Good color payoff as I can see!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. I have the grey, it's a polish staple.

    Good swapping girls!!

    X x

    p.s I've moved.

  3. Ooh how exciting! It's great trying out products that aren't easy to get hold of. I feel that way about NYX products. If I go to the US anytime soon, I'll be rushing to the nearest counter! lol

  4. Pink Flamingo is one of my all time favourite Barry M polishes. I LOVE Barry! x

  5. Pink Flamingo is my favourite Barry M polish, I love it! I haven't tried the MUA eye dusts but the eyeshadows are good. Ellie x

  6. Marie: indeed, the color payoff is insanely good! Now, I just need to get up the guts to wear it :)

    Kel: I agree, I will wear it often. It's beautiful! I'm gonna check out your new blog!

    tackyblueeyeshadow: Yeah I love it! I would send you some NYX if you wanted....:)

    Jen: I can see why! It's sooo pretty!

    missy_ellie_uk: It is beautiful. Yeah I'm curious to learn more about the MUA line :)

  7. We want lip swatches tooooo!!!

    But, seriously, those are some fab goodies!
    Love Pink Flamingo against your skintone!!!


  8. I loooove it! Flamingo Pink nail varnish looks divine! Lucky lucky you! :)