Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Battle of the Dry Shampoos: Batiste vs. TIGI Rockaholic

Batise: 5.05 fl. oz. $6.49 from Sallys

Rockaholic: 6.3 oz. $18.99 from Ulta

I mentioned previously that I would review TIGI Rockaholic Dirty Secret dry shampoo, and compare it to my longtime standby, Batiste.

I want to start out by saying that both of these products are great! Whenever I'm in a pinch and simply won't be bothered to wash my hair, they both pull through for me by refreshing and renewing my greasy locks.

I've gone through about 20 cans of Batiste, so I have more experience with it. I've only purchased one can of the Rockaholic, so just keep that in mind.

Rockaholic has a light, clean fragrance with a tiny hint of musk. It is definitely more subtle than Batiste. I guarantee it won't interfere with any other fragrance you have on as it pretty much disappears. If you were to get up really close and take a whiff you would be able to catch it, but it is light. Also, it sprays out less white and chalky than Batiste, so if you're concerned about having a white scalp, there's no need to worry. It quickly dissipates into the hair, becoming virtually undetectable.

Batiste, to me, smells great. I love the super fresh, clean scent of the original, so I prefer its fragrance. It does spray out quite white and chalky, and takes a little bit more brushing than the Rockaholic to disperse in your hair. But, I've never had a problem with it giving me a grey cast and I have really dark brown hair.

So, we all know I love my Batiste, but was the Rockaholic good enough to replace it?

My answer is no, and the biggest reason being that Rockaholic retails for roughly $19 and only has an ounce more product than the Batiste, which is only $6.50 with my Sally's card. That's a lot of cash for a small amount more.

I would for sure recommend you try out Rockaholic if you find Batiste's scent too overpowering, and also if you like a less powdery formula. If you don't like Batiste because it gives your hair a grey cast, you would probably love Rockaholic. It is a great product still, and I will definitely finish this bottle and maybe even repurchase. But, I can also tell you that I will always have a can of Batiste on hand regardless.

So, there is my two cents on these dry shampoos! Batiste is still the winner in my book :)

What, if any, dry shampoo do you use?



  1. I never tried dry shampoo but I really wants one that I can keep in my purse to carry around in case...I am somewhere with no water and my hair HAS to look fab' =)

  2. Lee Stafford's dry shampoo is in my opinion the best and it smells lovely! You should definitely check it out :)

  3. Bastise wins with me every time! It's perfect for sorting out my fringe. :)

  4. Hollywood: haha, yes must be prepared to look fabulous at all times! You should give Batiste a go, I'm sure you would love it :)

    Nora-Schu: I've heard of Lee Stafford, and unfortunately we can't get it in the States. :( Perhaps someday I'll swap someone for it! It sounds amazing :)

    Jen: I agree!!! What did I do without dry shampoo for the fringe? It's the best!

  5. I am loving the Klorane dry shampoo for oily hair with nettle extract. Its pricey and I would love to try the Bastiste but I haven't seen it anywhere in Canada. I'm also tried the Ojon one but its AWFUL!!!! Great post.