Monday, March 15, 2010

3 pairs of shoes for under 50 bucks!

I love shoe shopping! Let's be honest, though: what girl doesn't? If you're one of those girls in the "doesn't" category, hats off to you cause you've probably saved a ton of cash over the years.

I was thrilled when I went to Target the other day and happened upon these three lovely pairs:

(click to enlarge)

I know these black ones are pretty basic but I love the T-strap and the patent! The footbed is really pillowy as well, they're quite comfortable.

And how cute are these suede lilac flats? They come in about 5 different colors.

Gold sandals: $19.99
Lilac flats: $19.99
Black wedges: $24.99

But wait...that totals up to more than 50 dollars, you say!
Well, that's where the store credit comes in, which means I only ended up paying $47.
Voila :)

I'm obviously really excited about my bargain. I have a tendency towards more expensive shoes so I am especially happy to have claimed this deal.

I just wanted to give you the heads up to get over to Target if you're looking for some cute spring shoes!

Have you done any spring shopping yet?


  1. I love the purple suede flats! Adorable!

  2. Ooh pretty shoes, and for a great price!

    You've an award on my blog lovely.


  3. Jen: Thank you! I'm obsessed with purple lately :)

    Kel: Oh my, thank you for the award, I will check it out asap! x

  4. Lol, nope, can't say that I 've saved my account from the shoe obsession!!!

    Lovely pairs, you can wear each with SO many ways!!!


  5. Tina: yeah I love how versatile they will all be! And I'm glad you feel the same about the shoe obsession :) xoxox

  6. Oh boy! I think I need to head to Target tomorrow & find these lace print flats! Love your Sephora haul too!