Thursday, February 11, 2010

I think I'm obessed..

...with Dogeared Jewelry.

Do I need another obsession in my life? Um, no. But, their stuff is just too cute! And, I got two of the three pieces as early Valentines Day presents. Score!

I got two pairs of earrings and a bow necklace. Here's some close up pics as they are really small:

Silver anchor earrings that I bought. Love them!

And, these next two are gifts from my beloved. These angel wing earrings are teeny! They're only 5mm in size..adorable.

And this sweet little bow necklace is lovely. I am drawn to anything with bows; I think they're so feminine.

All of this jewelry was purchased from Dogeared's website. They had a 20% off deal going on for the Superbowl, so we had to jump on it! Check out their website here, if you please.

How do you feel about small charms? Do you have anything from this brand?


  1. I really love their stuff too, whenever it's a friends birthday I always try to get them something from the range as I love the little meanings behind each piece and they are packaged so funky. The angel wing earrings are simply beautiful, you're a lucky girl xxx

  2. Those angel wings are gorgeous! Really cute.
    I think you have a small obsession...a good one though!!

    Thanks for the kind comment on my blog. :)

    X x

  3. Arlene: Yeah I agree, they're great for gifts! I think every girl would appreciate something from the brand :) Thank you! x

    Kel: Thank you, yes I am obsessed, haha! I need an intervention now :) No problem!

  4. I've never heard of them but they are beautiful:) I must resist checking out the website though, I definitely don't need another obsession lol xx

  5. I've wanted the wishbone necklace for years. I'm sure I've mentioned this to you before! I just love it so very much. Gorgeous things you've got here!

  6. Love the angel wing earrings...!!!
    Funny, I only recently got an angel wing ring...! ;)