Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rave Review: Too Faced Natural Eye Palette (and FOTD)

Hello again, everyone! Happy Wednesday :)

I felt the need today to inform you of my new favorite thing: the Too Faced Natural Eye palette.

If you're into neutrals like I am, you need this. It has nine gorgeous shadows, all of which have a great texture and are wonderfully pigmented.

With flash:

Without flash:(click to enlarge)

The three shades on the top row are matte, and the rest have fine shimmer. There is only one shadow that has some glitter flecks in it (nude beach), which isn't really my thing. I haven't used it yet though, so I can't comment on its quality when actually applied. I think my favorite of them is honeypot. It reminds me of mac's woodwinked but with less orange. Erotica is kind of in the same family as mac's satin taupe.

The look I have on in these pics is push up on the lid, sexpresso in the crease, and heaven on the brow.

And, the whole face:
The rest of my makeup (in case you're interested):
Sephora mineral foundation in D30
Nars blush in lovejoy
Bonne bell glimmer bronze to highlight
Too faced chocolate soleil bronzer
Mac fluidline
Covergirl lashblast
Anastasia brow powder duo in brunette
Sephora lip attitude glamour lipstick in #19

All in all, this is a fabulous palette if you like neutral colors, and it is a great value as well. I believe it retails for 36 dollars, which is a steal for 9 shadows if you ask me. It has been one of my best makeup discoveries as of late, so naturally, I needed to share it with you.

Have any of you used this palette?


  1. Your eyebrows are utter perfection. So sculpted! They really frame your face.

    I love neutral shades and find them really easy to wear. Will definitely keep an eye out for this!

  2. Aw thanks Jen! I have a love/hate relationship with the brows, so I appreciate the compliment :) I really do recommend this palette, let me know if you get it!

  3. You look gorgeous! Your lashes are Amazing :) xx

  4. Thank you, all thanks to lilash I must admit :)

  5. Look how beautiful you are babe!!!! :)
    More FOTD/EOTD's I say, you 're so pretty and so talented it's a shame not to show us! ;)
    Great palette, looks like a great selection of lovely basic shades... and.. I love the names...heehee! ;)
    I had made a mental note about this palette a while back, thanx for reminding me!
    I definitely need to get this in 2010!


  6. Oh Tina, could you be any more complementary? :) Thank you so much! I totally think this is a must buy for 2010, I've been using it every day! And yes, I love the cheeky names too, haha!

  7. lovely colours (: great!

    kisses, caroline.

  8. Wow, that palette is so beautiful! I love neutrals, and every single colour looks great! I particularly like Push Up :)

  9. Yeah it's a winner for sure! You should buy one :) I've been using it every day, and push up is my new favorite!

  10. I have to say TooFaced eyeshadows do NOT disappoint. I really like their texture and colors. :) I will have to check this palette out. Love your blog! XOXO Char

  11. i love these colors. they look so very beautiful..x

  12. love the look! I so wish I could pull this off!