Sunday, January 10, 2010


Hello, everyone! I just thought I would post a little OOTD for fun today. I didn't take the pic with my phone this time, so the quality is much better. Onwards and upwards!

closeup of the boots:

yes, that is a tums bottle on the table. Oops.

Top/dress: Target (last year)
Black jeans: Urban Outfitters
Belt: Urban Outfitters
Boots: Report (purchased at Urban Outfitters)
Studded bangles: F21

If I see a OOTD post pop up in my blogger feed, I click every time. I love these posts. They say you should blog about stuff that you enjoy reading yourself, so I'm trying to do these more. I'm not as fashionable as Jen from a little bird told me, but I want to be :) Check her out if you haven't already, because I LOVE her blog.

What are the types of posts you click on every time?


  1. Love this outfit, you look fantastic hun!! Looking forward to more OOTD's from you :) xx

  2. Sweetheart! You're so lovely. Thanks so much, loving you and your blog too!

    This look is just awesome on you. The boots - love them. Classic colour as well.

    Please do post more OOTD - they're my favourite blog posts to read as I'm just so nosy! I get loads of inspiration from my favourite bloggers and I'll definitely be looking for a pair of these wonderful boots! :) xx

  3. You look lovely! Love the dress and the boots! :) x

  4. CocoBella: Thanks Nikki, I'm going to try to do more of these posts, they're a lot of fun :) x

    Jen: Thank you :) You should check out the boots, I think they would suit you! I get inspiration from your blog all the time, so glad I stumbled upon it :) x

    tackyblueeushadow: thank you!x

  5. Looking so cute and I just love the subtle pairing of black and brown, I hate it when people say that you shouldn't mix them together!


  6. Thanks Tina, I agree, I don't think we need to be so matchy! It's fun to break the rules sometimes, haha :) xoxox

  7. I love those boots:) Great ootd. I love those kind of posts too xx