Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cheap Thrills

(click to enlarge)

I always love a cheap thrill when it comes to makeup.

Tonight we braved the hellish snow and went to Wal Mart. I usually like to stay away from Wal Mart (much prefer Target), but I really wanted to peruse the Hard Candy makeup, and good 'ol Wally World is the only place where it's sold.

I ended up buying a blush in the color pinup, which looks really pretty. I also decided to pick up the Rimmel max volume flash mascara and the Tresemme heat tamer spray.

Then we stopped by our local grocery store and I was excited to see all the Revlon for BOGOF! I've been wanting to try out the colorstay eyeliner and I've heard it's good, so I got two.

I also picked up this cute little Bonne Bell set with lip lites gloss in cappucino, lip lites glossy tint in vanilla, and the eye style shadow box in cafe classics....for 4 bucks! I think this is the Buy of the Day because it was half off and I'll actually use all three products. I know Bonne Bell is kind of a teeny bopper brand, but I still love it. I used their bronzer religiously for 5 years, after all. They have good stuff, seriously.

Oh, I forgot to mention the Sally Girl eyeshadow I bought (seen in the first pic). These are great shadows! Silky, great pigmentation, good color selection, and the best part is: they're only 99 cents! I bought the color espresso, which looks much like it sounds. It's a lovely dark brown with fine shimmer. Gorgeous. You need to check out the Sally Girl shadows (sold only at Sallys, obviously)!

What are your cheap thrills as of late?



  1. I love cheap makeup! That sounds terrible, but I'm not a huge beauty junkie (prefer to spend my pennies on clothes) so I often go for the cheaper brands. My favourites are Rimmel and Collection 2000, both of which I think are UK brands!

    Good haul! Happy New Year!

  2. happy new year to you too! i wish we had collection 2000 here! and barry m, and uk girls are lucky!

  3. thanx for your comment-!!

    happy new year!!