Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Accessories of the Week

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts, so I thought I'd bust one out :)

These are my favorite items of the week. From left: Juicy Couture peace sign necklace (from Nordstrom), gold leaf necklace from Forever 21, leopard print bangles from H&M, and black studded bag from Forever 21.

(click to enlarge)

And a close up of the jewelry:

I have to say, I'm most excited about the bag. I went into Forever21 looking for it specifically, and found the only one in the store on a mannequin.

There was no price tag attached to it, and when the SA rang me up, she asked, "how does $7.99 sound?"

"Sounds fantastic to me!"

So I got the bag that I wanted for $7.99! It retails for about $20 on the website so I was quite pleased with my good fortune! It's always a good feeling to get a bargain on something you've been on the hunt for, isn't it? Here's another pic:

Have you found any sweet bargains lately?



  1. LOVE everything about this haul!!!
    I remember this bag a few months ago on ebay, was a lot more money than that!!!
    Sadly not any amazing bargains for me lately!


  2. Thanks, Tina! If I can find a bargain, you can too! I usually can't find a good deal to save my life! :)

  3. Love all of it!! I resently got a leaf necklace too! Just perfect for fall :)


  4. Feline: Thank you. I'm glad you got a leaf necklace as well, I agree they're the perfect fall accessory :)

  5. Great haul! I love getting good 'deals' when you're shopping on a budget. :)