Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Is it just me......

Or do all of these glosses look to be pretty much the same color?

I have a reason for my six glosses and one color, I swear. It all started with NARS turkish delight. I loved the color and the look of the sheer, light bubblegum pink, but there was just too much plastic smell to deal with! And, why shell out 26 bucks for a color you love, but a smell/texture/lasting power that you can't stand? Obviously, my search for a dupe was warranted.

So, if you're out there, and you're looking for perfect bubblegum-peachy-pink gloss, I have a selection for you to try.

From left: NARS turkish delight (the O.G.), Lorac couture shine in haute, Neutrogena moisture shine in groove, YSL gloss pur in #2, MAC plushglass in angel cream (d/c'd but still available at the CCO), and Stylie Style plastique gloss in flirty martini (may also be d/c'd, but not 100% sure of it).

My favorite of the bunch? That's a toughie. I love the YSL for the texture and feel, but it's probably the sheerest of them all. The MAC plushglass is great, but it gets a bit sticky. I might have to recommend the Lorac one, actually. For texture/pigmentation/smell, it might be the winner.

Do any of you tend to go for the same color every time you buy a new lip product? Or do you have a good turkish delight dupe suggestion?


  1. Yes I'm also guilty of this too. I seem to be attracted to certain colours, and like you have a collection of lipsticks that are all in the same colour range! Now I make myself look at new lipsticks carefully and don't buy if I have one similar! It's hard to resist sometimes though! :) x

  2. I tend to go for nude/pink lipsticks way TOO often....
    As tackyblueeyeshadow said, I need to check and see if I already have a dupe before I actually purchase!
    But your bubblegum pink collection looks so pretty to me, so, who cares if they 're in the same colour family?! ;)
    Loving the new layout btw!