Friday, September 4, 2009

Who Likes Sequins?

I do, apparently! I went to H&M a few moons ago and there were two black sequin tops a callin' my name! I couldn't decide between the two of I did what any indecisive gal would do and just got both. But there are differences, I promise! :)

The horizontal stripes one I would consider a tunic. It's long and oversized and you could probably almost wear it as a dress if you're daring enough. I could wear this everyday with leggings or skinny jeans.

And then the black and gold top is ah-mazing in my opinion. I saw it right when I walked in the store and knew it had to be mine. It definitely has some 80's flair and that's what I like! I love the zig zag pattern and the way it goes all the way around the back. The back of the top is almost cooler than the front. It's oversized and long as well but it's banded at the bottom so it comes in a bit more. I think I'll wear this with black skinnies.

Check out that back!

I hope you enjoyed this silly little fashion related post! I also hope you enjoyed the shower door as the background in my pics.....I keep it classy, what can I say?

Thanks for reading! I hope you're all having a good weekend so far! xox


  1. loooove H&M. can always rely on them for some cute finds :)
    and i'm sure any girl would have gotten both haha xox

  2. @Sarah: Haha I'd like to think so! they are similar for sure but I just couldn't pick one...thanks for helping me justify my purchase :)

  3. ohh wow de both look soo fab! m a fan of black of sequins so m def gna check it out :D

  4. LOVE the sequins. Good call just getting both of them :P H&M is awesome. :) xxx

  5. @Shifa: Thank you! You should check them out for sure! :)

    @WinterBlossom: Thank you, I agree I love H&M too! x

  6. Loving the zig zaggy top! very 80's vintage :D

  7. @Imo: Thank you, anything 80's always catches my eye :)