Saturday, September 19, 2009

Late on the Bandwagon

I finally bought the world renowned Ped-Egg! Resounding cheers all around! :)

I must say, this thing is amazing! It was only $9.99 from Bed Bath and Beyond, and I feel like I made out like a bandit for how much I like it!

It's not so much my heels that need help, but the outer sides of my big toes have always been callused...sounds odd I know. I don't know if it started when I danced in my teens or what, but it has always bothered me. The ped-egg got rid of all of that extra dead skin, and my feet seriously felt baby soft afterward. It was fast and very effective. All you do is grate it along callused areas and it removes all of the dead skin, revealing soft, new skin underneath. You will love this I promise.

I really might be the last person to buy the ped-egg. But if you haven't tried it yourself, give it a go! And if you have tried the ped-egg, what do you think of it?

I thought I would tack on a little afterthought: I bought a can of the famous L'oreal Elnett Satin hairspray (it came with a free travel sized can as well). I've been using Sebastian Shaper Plus for years without wavering, but I finally buckled and bought this. Have any of you tried this hairspray? Thoughts?

Thank you to all of my new readers and to Victoria at Lily loves Lola for the shoutout! That was seriously so sweet of her!

Have a great night everyone! xox


  1. Its a bit of a gross idea and I hate getting rid of the "foot shavings" lol, but I agree the results are fantastic! I love mine :) xx

  2. Hi!
    Is the ped egg sore to use?? It looks like a mini cheese grater!

  3. @Lizzie Loves: Haha the shavings! I agree, it is a bit gross but it's worth it :)

    @Maria: Hello! It totally does look like a cheese grater haha, it's pretty much the same thing but it's a skin grater :) If you file too much skin off yes it will make it sore afterwards. When I first used it I filed too much on one spot and it was sore a few hours later. But if you take it slowly you shouldn't have any problems.

  4. I really like the Ped Egg too. I always thought the TV ad was SO cheesy, but when I saw it in B,B & B. I felt like I was compelled to try it. Baby smooth feet ever since...

  5. @ari michelle: Ha yeah the commercials always made me laugh too! I thought it was a total gimmick...but it really is fabulous! Glad you love it too!