Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Transatlantic Tidbits!

Eeep! I confess I'm quite excited about getting my first barry m products from the UK! I'm just a bit JEL of you u.k. ladies and all of your amazing drugstore makeup!

I bought these goodies from the Makeup Merchant, a.k.a Holly of the Yummy Mummy's Beauty Blog. I'm grateful to her for creating an avenue for us gals outside of the UK to get our hands on some of their fab products!
I have to say that I'm most excited about the beautiful Sleek storm palette!

This palette houses a stunning range of neutrals, with both matte and shimmery shades. I know I'm going to use this baby loads.

Pictured next are the two barry m lip paints (129 and 146), the collection 2000 nail polish in dynasty, and the barry m bronzer compact. Pretty!

I love the 129 and I've already worn it. I confess I was actually trying to get the peachy pink lip paint (it said peachy pink 146 on the barry m website when I went to look it up to make sure I requested the right number) but I had the number confused (or should I say the barry m website had the num confused at the time, I just checked and it looks like they got it fixed), so I got this lovely bright pink instead! Which is cool because I think it's a beauty anyway! Sorry had a bit of a tangent there! The bronzer is amazing and I also love the nail polish and I plastered it on my nails as soon as I opened the package. :)

Sorry if this post was a bit of a snooze for any of you UK'ers out there :) You guys see this stuff every day!

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have had a wonderful day!

And thanks again to Holly! xox


  1. I have Dynasty, it's my fave polish atm! x

  2. @Lauren: Oh I'm glad to hear that! It's such a unique color and I'm excited to give myself a proper manicure with it! xox

  3. oh no so sorry about the number thing, damn Barry M website! I'll gladly send you a 147 if you like, it's gorgeous.Glad you loved everythingxx

  4. Heya I just saw your link in Holly's comments and came to check out your blog! Nice goodies haha I also did a wee bit of damage there, I would love if you had a look at my blog! Funny how we both went for the 129! I did the exact same, as soon as I opened my package I took off my old nail polish and put on the new one! Yay!
    So glad I discovered your blog, its great!

  5. @Holly: Haha it's totally fine! I've been meaning to get some other stuff from you anyway so yeah I for sure want to get the 147 with my next batch! Thank you!

  6. @Melissa: Thanks for checking out my blog! Haha we totally did the exact same thing, we are true beauty junkies! I love your blog too by the way! xoxo