Sunday, August 2, 2009

Accessories of the Week

It's that time again....for my most worn accessories of the week! Isn't it exciting? I know you probably can't even contain your joy. :)

Alright, this week there were 5 standout items: My silver Diba sandals, grey aldo handbag, silver owl necklace, skinny sparkly silver watch, and my sparkly purple bracelet that I posted about last week.

Here are a few closer up pics of the lot:

The purple bracelet made it in again for obvious reasons. I just love it and can't stop wearing it! I also rediscovered this skinny rhinestone watch that I got at Nordstrom like 3 years ago for cheap. And lastly, the owl necklace on the right has been a favorite since I bought it at Claire's about a month ago.

The grey bag is from aldo which I purchased a few weeks ago. I've really been enjoying this bag! It think it's cute and basic, and it's a good size. I'm known for carrying around gigantic handbags so this one is a nice step down in size, but still holds everything. The flat silver sandals I bought from zappos last summer, and I have them in black as well. They're so squishy and comfy and the straps are nice and soft, so I highly recommend them (here's a link if you're interested)!

Well, that's that! Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Thank you for reading!


  1. @sillysophistication and Winterblossom: Thank you lovely ladies! I appreciate your sweet comments!

  2. Oh my , the bag is soooo cute ^_^