Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So I walked into the CCO to buy one thing....

and of course came out with 6. But, it could've been worse, right? I love to rationalize my purchases. :) Here's the loot:

I got an msf natural/shimmer in medium dark, a plushglass in angel cream (which was the purpose of my trip), a fluidline in blue peep, two eyeshadows in warming trend and femme fi, and a clinique high definition lashes mascara.

The angel cream plushglass in gorge! It's a sheer light baby pink with no shimmer. I'm not super crazy about the lipglasses (too sticky), but I like the plushglass. It's got the tingling sensation a bit and is supposed to plump. I heard about this and the msf from LisaLisaD1 on youtube, who is one of my favorites to watch!

The mineralize skinfinish is half natural, half shimmer. I think it looks really pretty and I'm wondering if I'll use it all over my face or just as a highlight. Excited to test it out!

Blue peep fluidline is something I've been pretty excited about. I read about it on makeupalley and I've been trying to venture into the blue liner on the waterline thing. So I thought I'd give it a go.

The two shadows are both veluxe pearl, which is my favorite. I swear I've heard femme fi mentioned (on the right), and it is so pretty. It's just a super light gold. And warming trend is a shimmery brown with a bit of taupe. It's more on the cool side.

This clinique mascara just looked cool! I've heard a bit about it, and it was only 10 bucks so I thought why not. It has a funky brush/comb thing. Supposedly you use the brush first, and then comb throught for extra drama and definition. We shall see how it fares!

Lastly, here are some shoddy swatches of the products. I could hardly get the shadows to show up so my apologies! Top to bottom: Angel cream, warming trend, femme fi, and obviously the blue peep is on the right. Don't know how you could miss it. :)

Always exciting to buy more makeup although I know I don't need it! I will let you know if I have any standouts from the bunch!

Hope you're having a great day/night! xoxo


  1. Everything is beautiful! And at a discount! The best!! Enjoy everything!!!

    Sara :)

  2. @Sara: Yes, when you love something and then get it on sale, it just makes it even more sweet :) Thank you!

  3. I need to find one near me!!

  4. @phoebe: I found mine by googling "tanger outlets". CCO's are located in that chain of outlets as far as I know. They have a store locater on their site! Good luck, I hope you fine one!