Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quick sunburn tip!

I thought this post would be appropriate considering it is summertime!

I know we all try and wear sunscreen, but there are times now and again when you just get freakin' baked! I haven't burned in a while, but there is one product that I reach for when it does happen, and it is called Sarna. It'll make any sunburn feel sooo much better.

This is stated as being an "anti-itch lotion", but it says on the bottle that it is good for sunburn as well. The two primary ingredients are camphor and menthol, so yes it does provide a quite a cooling sensation...and it lasts much longer than aloe gel in my opinion. It does smell a little bit medicine-ish? So be warned, but I think it's worth it! Love this stuff!

Obviously, try and prevent the sunburn in the first place by wearing spf, but if it does happen, this stuff will ease your pain. Two advil and a thick slathering of Sarna will cure all your troubles :)

Don't know if this is interesting or of any help, but I've never heard this product mentioned so I thought I would make you aware...if you're in the market for a sunburn remedy. :)

P.s. you can find this at your neighborhood walgreens, at least that's where I got mine.

Ttyl! xoxo


  1. ohh thank you!! This could come in very handy! Once burned its hard to know what will work. Im gonna look for this!


  2. No prob! I hope you like it! xoxo