Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Most Worn.

I loved reading posts of this tag that was going around a while ago, so I thought I'd do it too! I really liked this idea, you hear about people's favorites and what they are in love with, but does the obsession with that one "must-have" item always last? The truth is, us beauty product junkies are very fickle. What we love one week may already be forgotten the next. This is a better way to gauge what a person truly loves--tried and true items that they can always count on.

Let's get crackin'!

Most worn....

What I actually wear the most is technically a lip treatment, and that is avon beyond color plumping lip conditioner. I've blogged about it before, and I love it. It gives a nude color to the lips, but it's very subtle. I just like it cause it dumbs down the natural rosiness a bit. The actual lipstick that I like the most is one that I got recently from my sephora haul. It's the sephora lip attitude glamour lipstick in innocent beige, or number 19. I bought two of these lipsticks and I love them so. They are like a lip balm/gloss/stick all together. The color is sheer and glossy and it's perfect for me because I'm not much of a lipstick gal


This is MAC hue perfume in turquatic. I've purchased this twice and I love it. It's a very clean, cool smell, kind of reminds me of davidoff cool water but I like it better. I get "you smell good" comments when I wear this more than anything else. 


This is a deux lux bag from anthropologie. I got this for my birthday from my maja! It's just a large slouchy bag that goes with anything and holds loads of crap.


I don't know the brand of these earrings, but I got them at shopintuition in L.A. over a year ago. They just seem to go with anything, and they're very simple but beautiful. I get a lot of comments on these too. 

Nail Polish:

This is OPI's done out in deco. I've also mentioned this before, but it is a lovely light dusty gray/lavender that is unusual but somewhat neutral at the same time. I've worn it 3 or 4 times now, which is a lot for me!


I got this top at Nordstrom in the B.P. section. The brand is soprano or something?  I suppose it could be considered a dress or a top. I have worn this thing to death! It just goes with anything, you can wear it with shorts or skinny jeans or leggings and it can be accessorized with so many things! I don't know, it's just one of those basic black tops that has just gotten a ton of use. It even has the teeniest hole in it now near the armpit but I still wear it. :) Btw, excuse the ugly shower door!


I also mentioned these before briefly, but they are on the left. They are dv by dolce vita. I love them! They just go with anything and slip on real quick and I have worn them nearly every day since I bought them. 

Hair Product:

This is Sebastian Shaper Plus. I have bought probably about 10 cans of this stuff. I think it's a great hairspray. It holds while still being movable, and you can brush it out and spray again and it doesn't build up or get crunchy. I'm not crazy about the smell but it doesn't linger for long on me. 

So there's my most worn. Not very glamorous! :) 

Have a great week!

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