Tuesday, July 28, 2009

LUSH Review: The Comforter Bubble Bar

This is the comforter bubble bar. I have to say, I'm a bit of a fledgling when it comes to Lush products as I have only tried two things. But, I do know that I am in love with this bubble bar and that there will be a definite repurchase!

I cut off a quarter chunk of the bar, crumbled it under running bathwater, and viola! The most bubbles I have ever seen! It smells really nice, like berries and cream. The water also becomes silky feeling, and really does moisturize the skin. It turns the water a pretty pink, too. Bonus! I love this, it's everything I've ever wanted in a bubble bath! :)

It's quite a hefty bar; I'm sure you can get at least 4 uses out of each. So the $8.95 price tag isn't too shabby at all! I'm definitely wanting to buy another and maybe branch out and try some of the other bubble bars.

Have any of you tried this or are there any other lush bb's that I must know about?



  1. Thanks for the review!! I can't wait to try this. :)

  2. ohhh pink and berries and cream! Sounds like a must have for me! I love lush anyway. There store is the most fun to walk though!!!

    Sara:) www.themakeupsnob.com

  3. @Cocobella: You're welcome, I think it's kind of a must have! :) Thanks for reading!

    @Sara: haha yes it is fab! Yeah the lush store is fun, my hub even liked going in there so it must be a pretty cool place! xox

  4. You should deffo try the creamy candy bubble bar, its a bit smaller but the smell is worth it! It smells like the rockstar soap (: I love your blog,im glad i came across it
    x x x

  5. @Emma: Oooo, that sounds amazing! I'll have to check it out most definitely! Thanks so much! Thank you for reading, I really do appreciate it! x