Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dickinson's witch hazel toner: A review

I've been using the Dickinson's witch hazel toner for about 6 weeks I believe, and I've put a pretty good dent in it already. I'm loving this stuff! I feel more and more strongly about the fact that if I keep it simple with face products, my skin responds well. And this toner is about as basic as you can get. It has two ingredients: 14% natural alcohol and witch hazel extract. Yep, sounds pretty simple to me!

It says on the bottle: "tightens and refines pores, gently removing excess oil, dirt, and makeup residue without overdrying--for evenly toned and beautifully smooth skin everyday."

I have been using this every night after removing my makeup and every morning before applying makeup. I love how it has all the benefits of a good toner without any of the drawbacks (i.e. too much alcohol, overdrying, harsh chemicals, etc). It makes my skin feel super soft and clean, not tight and dry. This is my one big skin discovery of the year so far. I love it so much! A new skincare staple of mine is born.

An excellent bonus about this toner is that it's a total bargain! I got mine for under 3 bucks at walgreens. Yep, 3 dollars for a 16 oz. bottle that is sure to last you. You'd be kind of silly not to try it :)

Have any of you tried this?


  1. I haven't tried this. But it sounds good! And at $3, what will I lose. haha

  2. @smiley13tree: Yeah I love it! And I agree, it's worth the gamble! Give it a go!

  3. I hate toners and this is the exception! This stuff is amazing and feels amazing on the skin! Im so excited to you see you post on this!


  4. @ Sara: I'm so excited that you like it too! It really is good stuff! xx

  5. does it tighten your pores like it clams to do?

  6. I'm sorry I didn't see your comment! I don't think it tightens your pores..I've never found a product that really does. It is still the best toner I've ever used, though :)