Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Love Batiste!

My experience with dry shampoo is somewhat limited. I've only tried two products: plain old baby powder and the bumble and bumble hair powder. Baby powder made my hair look a bit white (I have dark brown hair) and I hate the smell, but it did the job okay. It's just a tad cumbersome to try and sprinkle it on the roots in all the right spots, you know. Then, I thought bumble and bumble might have the solution because their dry shampoo is colored and in a spray can. Nay, I tell you, this stuff is no bueno. It made my hair just feel heavier with more buildup, and stained my pillow brown! So I have since been somewhat jaded by the whole dry shampoo thing, until batiste entered my life.

I don't like to wash my hair very often, maybe every third day or so. This stuff makes it a piece of cake to get to day three! It smells super clean, and is so easy to use for me. I just shake it and spray on different sections of hair at the root and then brush through, and voila! Clean feeling hair in 30 seconds flat! Amazing. I'm now on my second can (a repurchase is always a good sign) and I picked it up at Sally's for $6.29 with my sally's card.

Just a side note: for those of you dark haired gals who are afraid of using this because it comes out white, don't worry. My hair is super dark and yes, when I spray it on at first, it's kind of grey looking, but as soon as I brush it out it dissipates really well.

I think this is a great product! And it's cheap too! Worth the gamble in my opinion.

P.s. I learned about this from the lovely Emma, a.k.a magpiesparkles. I'm grateful to her for the recommendation!

Hope you're having a fab day! xoxoxox


  1. Yep Yep Yep - I could easily go a week without washing my tresses with this bad boy.

    Try the pink one, smells lovely and a nice wee change!


  2. Oooo, I think I might give have to give that a try! The yellow one looks good too! Thank you much! xo