Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Care for an eye brightener?

Here's a little tip if you're interested!

If you like the look of white eyeliner on the inner rim, but sometimes think it's too harsh looking, try the CARGO reverse lip liner pencil! I know it's supposed to be a lip liner, but I rarely use it for that. I line my waterline with this almost everyday to make myself look more awake and alive. And the great thing is, it's flesh toned, so you get the same widening, brightening effect as you would with a white pencil, but this is a more subtle alternative.

I bought mine at sephora for 14 dollars, but I'm sure you could find it elsewhere for less. Also, I've had this pencil for at least a year and I've barely made a dent. Here are a few pics for y'all:

I know there are similar pencils out there that do this, but I really like this one and I haven't heard much about it so I though I'd share. By the way, it also comes in 2 shades: light and dark. I have the light shade.

Talk to you soon! :)

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